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It's Easy.

Set up your page and start selling.

Share what you are doing –and why.

Megafounder allows you to offer products and share creative projects directly to a supportive community.

List and Manage Items.

Set the price, quantity and shipping costs for each country.

Increase margins with non-traditional product offerings.

Involve Customers and Make Better Products.

Collect meaningful feedback and data. (In Beta)

Your Creative Partner.

Gain exposure across our networks, channels and community. 

A Different Kind of Marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I sell on Megafounder?

Any kind of products (Including pre-orders and monthly subscriptions), services or experiences. All the items must be listed under a product page.

A product can be anything from you or your business: gadgets, games, films, apparel, books, tech, art, music, etc. Just make sure you don't offer any of the prohibited items.

How do I get paid?

With Stripe, our payment processor, buyers pay with their card, and you get the transfer on a daily or weekly basis. Directly to your bank account in the currency of your choice.

Paypal is on the way. Get notified by following @megafounder on Twitter.

What are the fees?

Submitting a product and listing items is free. We assess a 3.5% fee per successful transaction (5.9% for subscriptions).

Fees from third party services like Stripe are also applicable. View our pricing guide.

Deliver and Connect.

Easily manage your data: export it, fulfill orders and communicate with your customers.

      List your product or creative project.

Get in front of potential fans and customers, and sell your creations on Megafounder. If you have an early prototype, you can also apply.

Open a New Sales Channel.


Accept orders from anywhere in the world without any upfront costs.

No minimum fees or credit card required.

Share Your Story and Mission.

Release updates, introduce the team and show the making process.

Find details on everything you need to know about listing your products on Megafounder. From how to submit it, to fine-tune and manage your page once it goes live.



Add colorful images. 

Choose your preferred currency.

Offer pre-orders, monthly subscriptions, unique experiences or limited editions.

Everything, from your Mission Control.

A Supportive Community.

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