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Do you have backers that missed your Kickstarter? No problem!

Megafounder is a community platform where people and projects connect on an ongoing basis.

Turn your successful campaign into a never-ending project. 

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All-or-nothing campaigns

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Want to go global? We're multi-currency. And multi-language!


Grow without worrying about deadlines

Get the funds on a weekly basis.

Keep building an endless supportive community around your project.

Kickstarter is a great way to get some inital funds. But what happens when you reach the deadline?

Most likely your project will need continued support and funding in the future.


Your project still needs love and a lot of work! Try Megafounder to push it to the next level


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Less Stress 

People and projects together, without worrying about goals of deadlines.


Weekly Transfers

Don't wait to get the funds into your bank account


Mission Control

Manage your community, rewards and metrics from one place



Community Center

Build and manage the community around your project. Forever


Human Support

Reach us for anything you may need. Seriously, anything!


Translation Engine

Translate your campaign into Spanish. More languages soon!


Receive funds securely, directly into your bank account


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Syncronize your project data on Megafounder through our API


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Your data is fully protected by SSL technology

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Since we are launching, we'd like to offer you no fees on the first $500 you process with Megafounder.

Then, pricing is 5% flat fee per successful transaction (3% for registered charities).

Sure, sounds great!

No fees on $500! 

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