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It's Simple.

Megafounder is for funded or already in development projects, so there're no deadlines or minimum goals.

Just publish a project and start offering items.

Megafounder allows creators and businesses to sell their products while building a happy community.

For Kickstarter Creators

Keep your project alive after the campaign.

Continue getting pre-orders and happy fans!

"We eventually found Megafounder, which is a much better suit for our project and the fact that we were looking for development funds."

Stephanie Zari, Filmmaker

A Platform for your Needs.

Sell items, get pre-orders or gain monthly subscribers.

Add colorful images, set availability, shipping and more!

Flexibility in its Core.

Choose between showing the raised amount or the number of sold items.

Name your customers whatever you want!

Go Further.

Unlock new stretch goals based on the amount raised or the number of buyers.

Build a Community Around your Work.

Let your customers & fans jump into the decision-making process.

For Established Businesses

Sell your products and services differently. 

Easy set up and management of your orders and customers.

Your Creative Partner.

Gain exposure across our network and channels. 

Your Community Marketplace.

Share your creations and sell them directly to your audience.

Accept Orders from Anywhere in the World

Join a global community of fans, buyers and creative people.

No membership or hidden fees. View our pricing guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I sell on Megafounder?

Megafounder provides a platform for creators and businesses to sell their products, services and experiences. All the items must be listed under a project page.

Be sure that your project complies our guidelines and doesn't offer any of the prohibited items.

Why do I need to publish a project?

Megafounder is a community marketplace based on projects. We make it easy for customers to get involved in the creative process, so they can feel connected in some way to your work.

A project can be anything from you or your business: games, films, gadgets, apparel, books, music, events, etc.

How do I get paid?

With Stripe, our payment processor, buyers pay with their credit or debit card, and you get the transfer on a daily or weekly basis. Directly to your bank account in the currency of your choice.

We're currently working to integrate more payment methods such as Paypal.

What are the fees?

There're no fees for publishing projects and listing items on Megafounder. We only charge creators a fee per successful transaction. View our pricing guide

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