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Have backers that missed your Kickstarter?

Want to continue selling items or getting preorders?

Your project needs ongoing support rather than a short, stressful campaign?


Megafounder is the easiest way for projects to continue the funding after campaigns. 

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How It Works


Step1: Publish or import a project for free





Step 2: Your Project is Live!

Place the badge on your website and invite your friends to join the Megafounder.

Our Happiness Heroes will personally assist you with promotion + support.

Going global? We're multi-currency. And multi-language!


Step 3: Grow without worrying about deadlines

Get the funds on a weekly basis, directly into your bank account.

Build a happy & supportive community around your project.


Megafounder is ongoing funding & support for:











Kickstarter is a great way to get some initial funds. But what happens when you reach the deadline?

Most likely your project will need funding and support in the future.




Place it on your website and link it to your Megafounder project

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Less Stress 

Growth your project without worrying about deadlines


Daily or Weekly Transfers

Don't wait to get the funds, start using them on what matters


Mission Control

Manage your community, rewards and metrics from one place



Community Center

Build a passionate community around your project


Happy Support

Reach us for anything you may need. Seriously, anything!


Translation Engine

Translate your campaign into Spanish. More languages soon!


Receive funds securely, directly into your bank account


Your Favorite Apps 

Syncronize your project data on Megafounder through our API


Safe & Secure

Your data is fully protected by SSL technology

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Only 2 steps to go! Payments setup is fast and easy

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All-or-nothing campaigns

Never-ending projects

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Rewards w/ pics

Multiple rewards per backer

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No platform fees: Megafounder is free to use with an unlimited number of projects. Learn more.

Expired Kickstarter Campaigns

Mature Stage Projects

Artists, Makers, Inventors...

Established Businesses

Etsy Sellers

Registered Charities

Megafounder projects can be anywhere in the world. In order to enable payments, a bank account from any of the following countries is needed:

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands or Spain.

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Accept payments worldwide in 139 currencies

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