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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get paid?

With Stripe or PayPal, our payment processors. Backers pay with their card or via PayPal, and the transfer deposits directly into your bank account in the currency of your choice.

What does Megafounder cost?

Megafounder verified account:

· $19.99 one-time fee.

A Megafounder verified account is required to publish projects. This is a one-time fee to cover the identity verification process: once your verified account is claimed, you'd have access to publish as many projects as you want, without any additional costs.

Transaction Fee:

· 3.90% per successful charge.

Risk-Free with No monthly or Hidden fees

Only get charged when you receive funds.

Free Refunds

Unlike other platforms, If you refund a transaction, we will return our entire fee.

Fees from payment processors like Stripe or PayPal are also applicable. View our pricing guide.

Fund Your Project's Future

Megafounder brings ongoing funding for your Kickstarter project

Sun Cedar

Just unlocked their $44,000 stretch goal


£74,118 raised and counting

Set up your post-Kickstarter page in a Click

Let us do the work: We'll set up everything and send you a preview in a few minutes. 100% free to get started.

The end of your Kickstarter campaign is only just the beginning.

Start funding your project's future

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The closing of your Kickstarter should be the beginning of everything.

Megafounder adapts to each stage of your creations, from pre-orders to sales.


Megafounder is an exclusive platform for creators with market ready products looking for recurring funds to sustain and grow their business.

Successful creators who are keeping their projects rolling with Megafounder

Project Sidologie

Surpassed 800 backers!


The World's most compact foldable seat

Your Post-Kickstarter Page

Easy to access and edit! List new content, rewards, updates, and more.

Flexibility at its Core

Accept pre-orders, offer monthly subscriptions rewards, and more. PayPal & multi-currency ready!

Ongoing Funding

Engage with backers through new stretch goals that would unlock upcoming features. No deadlines!

Your Mission Control

Easily manage everything: Backers, metrics, payments, etc. 

Secure backers who missed on your Kickstarter

Turn your project into a long-term business

Unlock new stretch goals. No deadlines!

Get paid with:


Start Funding Your Project's Future

Who can apply to list their creations on Megafounder?

Any creator whose Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded or whose goal was not reached but whose products are market-ready may apply.

Just make sure you don't offer any of the prohibited items.

Frank's Adventures

Shawn brought her illustrated book to life


Stephen made a great video about Megafounder 

Fund Your Project's Future

Megafounder brings ongoing funding for your Kickstarter project


I have already my own online shop

You can run your store and have a Megafounder page at the same time. Use them to target different audiences:

Some customers may preffer ordering items from your regular shop, but others would prefer getting access to exclusive rewards, not always available for the general public.

Furthermore, being on Megafounder will bring you additional exposure as we continuously publicize projects through our growing community of backers.

Simple pricing:

 $19.99 one-time fee + 3.90% per charge.


Secure backers who missed on your Kickstarter campaign

Turn your project into a business

Unlock new stretch goals. No deadlines!

Get paid with:


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